21C Educator – Drama (and IB Theatre in 2018), English, Personal and Social Education (PSE), IB MYP Community & Service, Innovation and Leadership.

Education – B.Ed. Secondary Drama and English (University of Alberta, Canada); PGDip. Creative Writing (Humber College, Ontario, Canada); M.Mgmt. Arts and Cultural Management (University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia). Currently finishing M.Sc. in IT/Education (SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA). And then there is life.

Specialisms: Counseling; theatre/music/festival production and arts and cultural management incl. marketing; creative writing and literacy; service learning; innovation, ethics and leadership.

Celebrating – 27 years of teaching and educational leadership. Now Head of the Drama program for Grades 6-12 with ISG Jubail and Leader of the ISG (International Schools Group) Fine Arts Innovation Team for 7 schools across Saudi Arabia.

Other – Songwriter. Traveller. Writer. Coffee lover. I own a record company, have been in a British film about English teachers living in the Middle East and have signed a record deal with one of the largest and long-standing firms in India (Bajaj Int’l owns all the sugar plantations and manufactures auto-rickshaws among other things). I’ve also produced the world’s largest known community coffee festival (34 cafes and 1 trader’s hub) in South Manchester, UK in 2013.

Previously lived and worked – Edmonton, Canada; Taif, Saudi Arabia; Doha, Qatar; and Manchester, UK.

Presently live and work – Jubail, Saudi Arabia with International School Group (Jubail).

Service – Peer counselling and social work (Canada); service leadership (Cambodia – renovation of a school in the jungle with a team of students and teachers); suicide prevention and outreach (Manchester and Salford Samaritans, UK). Passionate about disaster relief.

Favourite quote – “From out of chaos emerges order.” (Chaos Theory; I love a good theory.)

My *other* public blog  – Where I write about everything including sometimes education: loreleiloveridge.com

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