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Hello, I am a teacher


Welcome to my little online ‘home away from the classroom’, the place where I share on a variety of topics that interest me as a teacher.

Where I’m from

I’m from the festival city Edmonton, Canada (which has the ‘best folk festival in North America’, according to Rolling Stone Magazine, and after that proclamation it became the truth…I’ve not been to a folk festival anywhere in the world yet that tops the Edmonton Folk Fest). This is somewhat relevant because not only am I a teacher, but I am a songwriter with two albums to my name and a rather interesting creative history that I’m proud of. Google me to learn more or go here to check out my music: CD Baby.

Having said that, I actually grew up in the rural suburb of Sherwood Park – twenty minutes drive from the Edmonton’s city centre. It’s relevant because I have both a love of nature and an inherent passion for great cities, architecture and old cultures. Growing up bored is what developed my love of reading and my desire to travel internationally.

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