Mindfulness + Self Compassion Trainings

I lead workshops and intensives in mindfulness and self compassion for schools, educators, caregivers, and other persons who may be interested in these practices…proven to have powerful impacts upon mental focus, health, and wellbeing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask me more about this: @lloveridge

Mindful Self Compassion for International Educators as presented by Lorelei Loveridge: 

Click THIS LINK or SLIDE BELOW to get to PPT Handout from ISG Learns Compassion Summit, August 2018 – Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Additional Resources (meditations, handouts, self-assessments):

Dr. Kristin Neff’s website here.

Includes many full articles, self assessment on your ability to be self-compassionate, and exercises + meditations. THE meditation (self-compassion/loving kindness) that moved me to pursue a study of her work is in this collection, and it can also be found on Insight Timer, a phone app of free meditations.

Chris Germer’s website here.

He offers psychotherapy and further research and information on mindful self compassion as related to his work in psychotherapy (Chris is at the fore of psychotherapy in this field and penning textbooks on it now).

The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion

Founded by Kristin Neff and Chris Germer and lists their current trainings.

My personal reflection on the impacts of studying MSC with Kristin and Chris in 2018 and what that led me to work on last year. (I will be updating this to include current reflections on my studies in 2020 with the executive team of trainers).

Maitri Retreats homepage.

Home of my Zen meditation teacher Hamid Ebadi whom I studied with during a 7-day silent Zen meditation retreat in October 2018. Hamid is also a trained psychotherapist, studied philosopher, and 25-year ordained monk. These factors inspired me to work with him as did his choice of retreat center in Portugal: the Karuna Center, which I photographed extensively (almost 1500 photos) before it was sadly burnt down in the Monchique wildfire on the mountainside in August 2018. The remains are being tended to and cleared, and the Karuna Center will be rebuilt with the same love that nurtured it into existence over 20 years. It was a remarkable place. I’m honored to be part of the last group that attended there in its original state. It was beautiful.

Hamid brings a rigor of the Zen traditions to practice that has simply changed my life. He strongly reinforced the work of Kristin and Chris. In particular, what impacted me and my work with meditation is both the balance in (1) training in personal mindfulness and (2) understanding that you are part of a global community – a ‘shared humanity’ – and thus must understand the impact of your actions upon others. This, in particular, fits with my philosophy of how to bring mindfulness, meditation, and self-compassion/compassion to students and staff in schools and other organizations.

I cannot say enough about these approaches to mindfulness. Very different, but totally complimentary.

My photos of the Karuna Center on Serra de Monchique, Portugal edited to B/W by Hamid after our retreat, here