I am a tech-proficient teacher, and a user of the Google Suite for education. The assessment platform my current school uses is Skyward.

I studied technology for learning in-depth while working at Qatar Academy and it was my role to assist our MS students to put together ePortfolios, then on Wiki. Now, I help my students do this on WordPress or Google Sites. I have also assisted teachers in building their own ePortfolios.

I have taught drama online for 15 months, during the Covid pandemic lockdowns, and am very comfortable teaching online with Zoom and Google Meet.

This page features some parked links that I regularly use or have students use in their work.

AI – Artificial Intelligence in Education – Resources for Teachers

• Free Courses & Resources –

Other Free Tech for Learning Courses for Teachers

• Applied Digital Skills – Google – 

Technology for learning and business tools that I use:

Tech for Drama and Theatre Students

Professional Learning Networks for Teachers

Lorelei Loveridge ~ Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK