Drama 11-12

Drama and Theatre Studies Course Outline

Drama at ISG Jubail is a hands on, action-packed, group oriented study of ensemble skills, physical, and vocal communication and performance skills, disguised as fun. All grade levels begin with an orientation unit, where class expectations are established, and a positive atmosphere of mutual respect, and creative security is established. Only then can we begin to explore specific units in any degree of depth. Therefore, course outlines are flexible to reflect the capabilities and interests of a class. The more co-operative, positive and hardworking a group is, the more in depth and advanced their drama program can become.

Drama 11/12 – Drama and Theatre Studies II: Performance, Production and Directing – Full Year

Students in the Grades 11/12 class will develop or extend understanding of the following concepts through participation in various drama experiences:

THE CREATIVE PROCESS: use the creative process and a variety of sources and forms, both individually and collaboratively, to design and develop drama works;

ELEMENTS AND CONVENTIONS: use the elements and conventions of drama effectively in creating individual and ensemble drama works, including works based on a variety of sources;

PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES AND TECHNOLOGIES: use a variety of presentation techniques and technological tools to enhance the impact of drama works and communicate for specific audiences and purposes.

Assessment will be based on: journals/written work, audience skills, rehearsal skills, performance and special research/projects as required.

Possible units include: movement, voice, acting in improvisations (including theatre sports), theatre studies (including directing workshops, play reading and analysis, design for chosen play, etc.), technical theatre and design, acting incl. monologues/scenes/play production, directing and acting in workshops for younger students, theatre history and film production mini unit.


1) Orientation and Movement

2) Speech and Improv incl. Theatresports

3) Theatre Studies (critique of play and script reading; written character analysis or play synopsis)

4) Playwriting

5) Technical theatre and design (lighting, set – built to scale for the era chosen, sound)

6) Acting (to include monologues, scenes, and acting in 0ne-Acts)

7) Film Production mini unit

Lorelei Loveridge ~ Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK