Drama 7

Drama and Theatre Studies Course Outline

Drama at ISG Jubail is a hands on, action-packed, group oriented study of ensemble skills, physical, and vocal communication and performance skills, disguised as fun. All grade levels begin with an orientation unit, where class expectations are established, and a positive atmosphere of mutual respect, and creative security is established. Only then can we begin to explore specific units in any degree of depth. Therefore, course outlines are flexible to reflect the capabilities and interests of a class. The more co-operative, positive and hardworking a group is, the more in depth and advanced their drama program can become.

Drama 7 – Drama and Storytelling – Full Year

Students in Grade 7 will develop or extend understanding of the following concepts through participation in various drama experiences:


• Role/Character: considering motivations of historical and fictional characters; considering various facets of multidimensional characters; revealing character through the use of props and movement/blocking; maintaining commitment to role

• Relationship: developing and analysing multidimensional relationships in the drama

• Time and Place: improvising with/adapting available materials to establish setting; using blocking (e.g., when and where to move) and stage areas (e.g., upstage right, downstage centre) in planning and performance

• Tension: using sound, lighting, technology, and stage effects to heighten tension; using foreshadowing to create suspense

• Focus and Emphasis: using a range of devices and effects to highlight specific aspects of the performance for the audience.

Assessment will be based on: journals/written work, audience skills, rehearsal skills, performance and special research/projects as required.

Possible units include: movement and tableau, vocalization, characterization, theatre studies and terminology, improvisation and final project.

Overall Goal:

Through participating in and reflection on dramatic experiences, each student will develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically and socially, and will develop a positive self- concept.

Specific Goals:

1. acquire knowledge of self and others

2. develop competency in communication skills

3. develop an appreciation of drama and theatre as a process and art form


Drama 7 includes the following disciplines:





Technical theatre

Theatre Studies

Lorelei Loveridge ~ Canada, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UK